The first published crap

I thought for a while on what I should published as my first blog post. when I meant awhile, I meant like 10mins. Which is long for someone whose mind is ticking really fast with multiple unrelated shit. Right now, inside my mind is like a 5 year old holding a rifle gun and running about in random directions and shooting aimlessly and unrelentlessly. Which is why I’m back into blogging. So that I can write and lighten the accumulating shit on my mind.

Yes I used to blog quite often for a few years when I was in my teens and early twenties. I mainly blog about what girls their age blog about. School life, temp jobs, shopping, friends, relationships and putting up tons of cheesy photos.

Ah…life as a teenager…

The crap we have then on our minds are all pink and fluffy.

So I’m only 26 going on 27. My mind now is far from pink and fluffy. There is no fluff at all. What happened to the fluff? Where did the fluff go?

I can thought up of crazy scenarios and scare myself shitless and sleepless. 80% of the stuffs I thought of does not exist or will not exist. Its in your mind they said. Well my mind is a sadistic boss that is determine to screw you through and through. That can also be said the same for life. Life is a perverse ruler. It not only hands you lemon, it squirt the juice in your eye and made you eat the lemon peel. This is what it really meant when the saying goes “When life hands you lemons…”. They missed out on the more horrible details behind. Not sure is it to give false hope or that there is a certain word limit. Its probably written by Life. Yes, I sometimes refer to him as a person. Life is an asshole.

Despite my warped mind.  I do enjoy certain childlike entertainments. I like Disney, I’m a Harry Potter nerd, I sometimes like to look at the pretty toys that kids have these days and I always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book.

Yes, a children’s book. Were you expecting me to write some sort of Stephen King’s book? Or maybe something like the Game of Thrones.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to venture near children’s book. I just might send some hidden message in it. Like do not believe the placing your tooth under the pillow for the toothfairy crap. Your parents will not give you a dollar or even a sticker. They will ask why are you placing an abandoned piece of human part under your pillow? Its unhygienic waste and it might attract bugs that will probably crawl all over your face while you are sleeping.

Its not that I do not have whimsy. I’m being practical. The truth will come out eventually. You do not see 80 year olds placing their teeth under pillows at that age right. Toothfairy is not true. Unicorn just might be.

I’m not sure what our journey in life is really about. It might be because they need people to search for that unicorn. Its really lost somewhere. We just got to keep finding it. It will be worth it at the end, I hope, I don’t know. People that reached the end are usually dead, they have not reported back on what they found.

This is typical of Life.Being all selfish and not sharing information.


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