My Ancestors are bird killers

I would say my family are pretty much animal lovers. I have had a menagerie of animals since young. I have had tropical fishes, terrapins, hamsters, chickens, quails and 7 dogs. My sister had cats, guinea pigs and a rabbit before when she was living alone. So yes, overall, we are pretty big on animals.

I have some relatives on both my parents’ side that have had some sort of pets before. I assumed that’s where we got the animal loving genes from.
Until one day, I was talking to my dad about peacocks that I saw at the zoo.

Dad: We have a relative that used to have a peacock.
Me: That’s nice! Where did they buy it from? I didn’t think they used to sell peacocks as pets in the past.
Dad: They stole the egg from the mother and they hatched it themselves.
Me: ….. And where did they found the mother?
Dad: I’m not sure; I guess they got it from the zoo.
Me: I know they let peacocks walk freely around the zoo but I didn’t know they let their eggs to roll about freely.
Dad: I’m sure they got the egg from the peacock’s nest. Your relatives are good at finding things like that.
I don’t know what kind of ‘things’ they have been stealing and my Dad seemed pretty proud of that sort of accomplishment. I have to say I’m not ‘proud’ that I have someone related by blood that used to kidnap unborn baby birds from their mothers.
I thought the conversation ended there, but my Dad decided to add on some more details while his eyes are still glued to the TV.
Dad: When the peacock got sick, they gave it some Panadol (or penicillin). It did not got better and it died.
Me: …..I’m pretty sure the bird died from the penicillin.
Dad: I know, what they did was so stupid. Feeding the bird Panadol, what were they thinking?
I was shocked on learning that the bird died and shocked that my Dad only thought the part that they fed the bird Panadol was dumb. I thought the whole situation starting from the moment they decided to steal the egg was dumb!
Today’s blog post is dedicated to our fallen peacock that I have never seen before. I’m not sure how old you were when you passed, but your death is indeed unfortunate and if you think about, quite humorous. No, of course you cannot think anymore, your brain is probably disintegrated into ashes now. I do hope they did not eat you after you died or fed you to some unknowing animal. I’m sure there will still be traces of penicillin in your body; it just might kill the animal that eats you. I’m afraid to find out more.
I have you know now that the later part of the generations is kinder and much smarter in taking care of their animals. We did not try to feed penicillin or any kind of human medicine to our animals. Yes, our bloodline is evolving into something really good. I even trained my chickens to fly to the roof so that they will not be attacked by stray dogs when they come barging into their fence. Our chickens learnt not to go near strangers, so only our family can call them down from the roof. However, if strangers happened to have some corn on them, they will go off with them without a second thought.
Look, I can give them the best education from Poultry University but at the end of the day, their tiny brains can only retain so much information. Apparently their instincts always override any life-saving knowledge. This applies to humans too I’m afraid.


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