My dog’s poo inspiration

My dog decided to poo in the living room floor at 3am. That’s not all, she decided to be all artsy and draw caveman drawings with her poop.

So my living room floor looks like a treasure map. Except its not. Its poop being spread out all over the floor.

I’m tired because its freaking 3am, the house stinks like a hundred rat’s sweaty armpits after spending a day in the garbage. Its hard to clean because the poop was dried.

In the beginning, it was difficult to clean, because the dried poop was so stubborn and wouldn’t come off. But I continued with it and it finally comes off. Every wipe, more poop comes off. The white floor surface peeks out until its finally cleaned and smelling like lavender (its the floor cleaning solution scent not the scent of my sweat, I know the truth is hard).

Everyone has a stubborn messy past or shitty situations, we just have to clean up the mess no matter how hard it is. Just have to keep grinding until we finally reach the clean surface that we are satisfied with and could live with it.

That’s my dog’s poo epiphany people, your welcome.


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