I worry for the future generations

I brought 3 of my dogs to the vet one day and while we were waiting for our turn, a little boy came over.

He parked his little tricycle on the side and came over to look at my dogs. He asked a bunch of questions like why does my Westie has a bandaid on one of her leg and is my pomeranian a puppy. I’m quite a socially awkward person especially to strangers and kids (I can never talk to kids, kids scare the bejesus out of me). But I try my best to answer his questions even though some of them are weird.

Then he gave me the ultimatum.

He pointed to my oldest dog (23 year old JRT) and ask “So how many more days until she dies?”

At first I could not register what he was asking then when it finally hit me, I like to hit him back. Of course, no self-respecting adult should hit a stranger’s child. I have not much self-respect for myself but I like to act like I do.

I replied “If you take good care of them and give them lots of love, they can live really long.”

I’m so proud of myself being all politically correct. To an 8 year old boy.

Luckily the vet called us and I left immediately. Because in my mind, I’m 2% being all kind and forgiving like the blessed Mary and the other 98% I’m like the panda below trying not to act all violent.



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