I’m going to be a bad parent

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I am afraid of kids. I would not have been so afraid if they don’t keep staring at me and not talk. I do not know how to talk their language either. I know how to talk gibberish goo to babies because babies will not remember what you said, they will just smile and laugh and that’s all you really wanted from them so as not to make the situation awkward. Can you imagine how awkward the room will be when everyone heard you taking gibberish to the crib and nothing but silence is coming from the baby? That is a tough crib and an uncooperative baby.

Have I thought of having children? Yes I did before. I used to love kids and when I was in my teens, I thought of having like 4 children in future. In fact I wanted children more than I wanted a husband. I sounded like I wanted to be Angelina Jolie. Anyway, plans and thoughts are all totally different now that I’m an adult. I cannot imagine me having a child of my own now. Not that I do not like them, I like to buy toys and dote on my friend’s kids or little cousins. I do not want to be the parent that has to discipline them and what not. I want to be the fun Aunt that buy them toys and snacks and hide secrets from their parents (Harmless secrets of course, if the kid is doing drugs, no way am I hiding from the parent, or the grandparents, or the authorities. This fun aunt is going to tattle).

You know the show, Kids say the darndest thing? Well they really do and are not shy from it. I cannot answer most of it because either I do not know how to answer it or the content is unsuitable for children. Kudos to parents who have to work full-time and entertain the kids questions at night and all weekends.

On a separate issue, I like playing a parent in Sims. Its fun because even if you make mistakes in parenting, the kids will still grow up to be all fine and dandy.

Like all new parents, I was also at a stage of not knowing what to do.



I know this puts me in such a bad light, but do take note that this is Sims2. Like all  things, they have evolved into more sophisticated parents in Sims3, so have I.

For now, I will just focus on being a good dog parent. My dog still has the upper hand but I’m working on it.



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