British bulldogs are my new muse

I went to a pet store last week and there were many adorable puppies there. One especially caught my heart was this British bulldog puppy. It was in its cage dragging its towel about and was so exhausted doing that, it looked so adorable panting away.

My friend asked will I keep one of this in future? I said most likely not. I have researched on their characteristics and it says that this breed is quite a stubborn dog. It’s a very loving, affectionate dog but slow to learn and very stubborn.

I’m not a very strict dog parent and most often I do not even follow my own rules in disciplining my dog. This is why my Pomeranian, Mochi has the upper hand in our relationship. All she has to do is to bark and I come running. Seems like we got the roles all switched so I’m basically the slave.

Imagine me not being very determined and forceful to exercise the bulldog, it will be so overweight and I will end up carrying her for walks instead. Mind you I’m a very skinny lady, tall and lanky basically like a pole. A pole carrying a fat bulldog. I also get very soft easily so imagine me having to tell my bulldog to go exercise and it giving me the most pitiful eyes, I will totally give in. And we will just stayed home and rot.

So no, I do not think I will make very good bulldog parent.

How adorable is that tongue sticking out!!
How adorable is that tongue sticking out!!

I will have to end my blog post here as my Pomeranian is calling me to clean up her poop.


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