The unicorn is in Scotland!!!

So based on my blog’s intro, you probably know by now that I am on a quest to find a unicorn. If you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, well then that means you have not read my ‘About’ section on my blog. Not being very clever now are you. But then again, thanks for reaffirming me that no one is really interested in knowing more about me. I’m really fine with it since I’m not that egotistical to force feed people information about me. Really now, I’m fine if you chose not to read about me. Truly. Just in case you can’t get the hint, here’s a link to the page. Thanks.

So anyway, I found out that Scotland’s national animal is actually a unicorn! It all makes sense now! Hello? the legendary loch ness monster? Harry Potter movies were filmed there? Lots of mythical creatures stories? That place is dripping in magic and sorcery! Its like the forbidden forest in Harry Potter!


Can you imagine if the unicorn is really like the above picture? Note the rainbow and stars located near the anal region? This means that it basically fart fireworks and poo a lump of glittery spangle mess.

I imagine the poo will look something like that. How sparkly!

It will be so awesome as well to have a good friend like a unicorn.

This friend deserves to be invited over for Christmas every year.

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