Why I avoided Donald Duck like crazy at Disneyland

I was super excited to visit Disneyland for the first time of my life and I was about 24 years old. I’m a big fan of Disney and anything dreamy and whimsical. I was so looking forward to taking pictures with the characters there.

Just a few days before I leave for the amazing world of Disney, I watched this guy’s (Zefrank1) videos on YouTube. His videos are like a documentary with an amazing voice over. You may think it’s a serious documentary but they are sprinkle with lots of humour. You learn something new about Marsupials in a relax and funny way. What’s not to like?

So I watched this innocent video about ‘True facts about the Duck’ (pretty innocent right?). It started with a baby duck, how adorable and innocent this video seems to be. Until it ended with showing the explosive corkscrew duck penis!!!

You must be wondering what it looks like and I’m not saying it in an exaggerating manner. IT REALLY IS AN EXPLOSIVE CORKSCREW DUCK PENIS!!!

That has forever changed my image of duck in my mind. I can’t imagine eating duck anymore or feeding a duck. I felt so violated and very very disgusted all over my body. I cannot shake off that feeling of knowing and I cannot make myself to watch that duck video again!

Anyway, back to my Disneyland story.

I was one of the many to wait outside the gates for Disneyland before they even officially open for the day. That’s how excited I am! It was during December as well so the place was all decked out in the spirit of Christmas which happens to be my most favourite holiday. So yes, its a pretty memorable and happiest day of my life.

So once we were let in, my friend and I were yearning to explore every inch of the place. Trying to find characters and taking all the beautiful scene in as much as possible.

Lo and behold, which characters were the first to show up in front of us and with no queue for picture-taking; its Donald Duck and Daisy.

My friend was pushing me very excitedly to go take pictures with them especially there is no queue! And since there’s no one, the 2 ducks were looking at our way expectantly.

In normal situation, people will go for it. But I just couldn’t so I walked away while the image of the explosive corkscrew duck penis still vivid in my mind.

I’m sorry Donald Duck and Daisy for not taking pictures with you. It’s not that I do not think you are any special, it’s because of your penis. Maybe if Donald put on some pants, I might go near him but I’m not sure if I can stop myself from screaming in my head.

I am forever scarred. I can never look at Donald Duck the same way ever again.


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