People I met in the hospital

The past week I was pretty busy hanging out in the hospital. One of my closest family friend whom I also see her as a mother figure (second mum) was admitted due to gall stones and liver infection.

So I spent almost the whole day with her, helping her to the bathroom and just basically making sure she was not lonely. She shared her ward with about 7 others since it’s a lower class ward so we did a lot of people watching.

The interesting characters that I had seen were either quite funny, heart-warming or quite sad. It just gave us a lot of revelations of life. I found that my second mum is really fortunate because she got 2 daughters accompanying her throughout the day and until 10pm at night before she goes to bed. Her son and husband will come visit her after their work everyday. She got visitors from her son’s friend, son-in-law, grandson and her good friend. My own family will also called everyday to ask for her updates as they were unable to come to visit. Compared to the many patients in just her ward, her bed side was always the cheerful one with constant flow of visitors.

So I like to list out the interesting people I met there and their little story from what we observed and what we heard.

Lady with 10 over surgeries

She was a patient in a bed next to ours. We sometimes chit-chat with her and helped her when she needed water and stuffs. She told us she had over 10 surgeries in her lifetime.Surgeries like cataracts, breast tumor, knee replacements, removal of her uterus…etc… She claimed the more surgery she had, the younger she looked. Sounds like a slogan for a plastic surgery clinic right? So she asked us to guess her age. We guessed she’s about 60+ but she said she is 85. Ok we were really shocked about that because she did looked younger than her actual age. So this leaves us wondering about her secret to her youthful appearance.

Screaming lady

There’s this patient that was always screaming at nurses and other people. Do not really understand her words sometimes so it is all the more annoying. Overheard from the nurses that she has been living in a nursing home for over 15 years so obviously she got no visitors. Sometimes I saw her crying in her bed quietly, sometimes she was crying and scolding someone. Overheard saying things like “why did you leave me for her”, “you said you will be with me”. The next few times she screamed, I did not get annoyed like before, just felt a bit sad.

Lady that talks (shouted) in her sleep

We stayed at the ward till past 10pm sometimes and the floor got a bit more interesting at night as compared to the day. You think most of the old ladies will be asleep but some of them were up and chatting with other patients. However there was this old lady that slept most of the time. It was only at night that she talked in her sleep. She was screaming for someone maybe her son, we were not sure. Other patients in her ward (also old ladies) will replied back asking her to go to sleep, drink some tea and go back to sleep. The tone was not angry or malicious, sounds like they were humoring her and she felt assured by their voices that slept quietly after that I guessed.

Most favourite nurse

There was a nurse that is our favourite. She really pays careful attention to all her patients and always maintain a caring and friendly disposition even when the patients got difficult to handle. She is very nice to patients but rather strict with other nurses and doctors. She once told off a doctor for giving my second mum false hope that she will be able to discharge that day when in fact she could not. She also told off the nurses for not giving a patient a drink of water when she was so thirsty. Unlike other nurses, when we asked her for somethings, she will get it for us immediately. We will be writing a feedback letter praising her and 2 other nurses performance and I hope they get the recognition they deserved.

There are many other interesting people as well but I could not write them all down or it will be a super long blog post. The people that we meet, even though not personally and we have not talk in any way, still manage to leave an impression in me. It’s so weird but somehow it does affect your perception in certain things.

I remember a quote that says something like do not judge a person for everyone are fighting their own battles. We tend to look at people on the surface and thought to ourselves that they are so lucky and their lives are so perfect, why can’t we be like them. You want their highs in life, will you be willing to live through their lowest points as well?

Everyone are walking a different paths, we always assume that if anyone deviates from the paths that are different from the mainstream they are walking a path to failure. No they are fine. We get to where we are by going through certain lessons in life. Life is not a test that you either get a pass or fail grade. Life is like an essay or a story. It will never be graded (maybe by God or the universe or karma). It’s just a story that keeps on telling until your final breath.


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