Workplace BFFs

Do you have any workplace best friend? You know the one that always had your back, the one that you turn to grumble all your grievances and he/she agrees to all of them?

I had workplace BFFs in almost all my jobs and I really appreciate them. I know ‘professionals’ will say things like its better for someone who is well-rounded and able to get along with ANYBODY because it shows that they are adaptable and whatever shit. To be honest, when I was all green and newly released from uni, I was all about following closely on what our lecturers/work professionals advice about the working world.

Turns out, not everything they said really make sense in the real working world. The working world is evolving and their advice might not apply now.

I believe in the benefits of having a workplace BFFs. It motivates us to come to work and do our best, it helps relieve stress and improve job performance. I had workplace BFFs that we knew the process of how each of us work, so that we can easily swoop in and support one another whenever one is flooded in work. To the point that we do not even need to instruct each other what to do, we just know where/when they need help and we just do it. When we work together, we work like clockwork with the greatest efficiency ever. We also spot check and save each other’s mistakes without being asked to do so.

If we have office messenger, we will send each other our complains and frustration. Once I was on a phone with a very rude and disrespectful colleague, if not for my BFF sending me encouraging words through the messenger, I probably lose my cool and give that jackass a piece of my mind.

It’s also nice to have someone who done your work function before and to understand what you are going through. We understand the frustrations of others thinking our job looks straight forward and easy. So we grumble and complain to each other about such ‘supportive’ colleagues we have. We all worked in a same company, carrying our own weight, you do not need to belittle anyone jobs here. It does not make you look like a pro. In fact if you are the boss, all the more you should understand that every employee’s contribution are what makes the company ticks. Everyone! Including the cleaners. Without them, you will sashay in your expensive suit to a wet toilet floor and a toilet bowl flooding in stools (I almost vomited in my mouth on that). I wonder if you still can go about acting all high and mighty in your shit stained suits (it’s really disgusting, I’ll stop now).

I can see that a lot of people have workplace BFFs. Some see it as rivalry to another set of BFFs and mean ones will even plot to get them in trouble. I do not get why they are playing some high school ‘Mean Girls’ game since they are way older than a high schooler but I guess some are just competitive. If this were high school, my BFFs and I are the weird outcast ones. While others are gossiping about other colleagues “like is she pregnant? She looks pregnant! Whose the father?”. We are here like “would you eat shit if you will be given 1 million dollars?” We will actually be putting our brain cells to work thinking about that sort of questions. Its mindless crap but it gives us a break from work and from the mean girls.

Also the nice thing about workplace BFFs, we still keep in contact with each other even after we left the company. We still have things to talk about, our favourite shows, favourite food, gossip a little on our previous workplace and meeting up for drinks.

You can't help but to admit that working with the right people brings out the best in you. In turns, benefit the companies.
You can’t help but to admit that working with the right people brings out the best in you. In turns, benefit the companies.

I see that companies these days are having trouble retaining staffs. They like to act like oh anyone is easily replaced so they do not try to retain people and do not want to understand and work on the problem on why staffs keeps leaving. I see that people with close-knit work groups in a companies tend to stay longer and they work very smoothly.

I just want to say that people makes the company ticks. Invest wisely in people and selecting people not just based on their academic scores and how beautiful the resume is written. It’s always better to have someone hardworking with good character and integrity. If you can fit the missing pieces of the puzzle, it will be a good environment to work in and just screams positivity.


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