Trying to shake off this annoying friend call insomnia

I have always had bad sleep cycles. It started when I was like 13 years old. During school holidays I only slept around 3am. During the time when everyone were asleep I would read books (I can finish one book a day) and watch late re-runs on the TV (Charmed, Smallville…etc…).

Now, my sleep cycle is still as bad, probably worst. I can only fall asleep at 4am and sometimes 7am. When I was working, I will be very tired and beat, lying in bed at 12am and only falling asleep at 2am. The sleep was not a good quality one either, I would still wake up in middle of the night or dreamt about work.

Whenever I got flu, I will be giddy with happiness (partly due to the drugs). I knew that I will definitely get a good night-cap and uninterrupted sleep.

So I did not consult a doctor for my sleep problem because I can tell my doctor is pretty much busy with my gastric issues which by the way I’m still working on it. Only recently I was just so exhausted from lack of sleep, that I went to see the doctor.

Doctor: So are you asking for pills to let you sleep?

Me: What do you have in your magic box?

Doctor: I will prescribe you with some pills to help break the sleep cycle.

He only gave me a little because he’s afraid I will get addicted to it.

THIS is what I'm addicted to right now. No pills can top that!!!!
THIS is what I’m addicted to right now. No pills can top that!!!!

By the way, the pills he gave me was diazepam so yes I’m very annoyed that its due to my anxiety that’s making my body all tensed up for no reason. Did I played too much Grand Theft Auto and Street Fighter when I was younger? I think they need to start putting disclaimer on this.

Oh did I mentioned I actually went to see the doctor for gastric reflux? Yes, my body is incredibly ‘good’ to me in a sense that I’m learning so much on medicine and medical names. School don’t teach you stuffs like that eh.

So the doc set some rules for me to follow through. I literally wanna cry or let a character in street fighter just continuously hit my character.

  • No caffeine. (Bye bye coffee, tea and coke which I happens to drink every 2 days)
  • No spicy and acidic food (which I also eat weekly, bye bye Tom Yum)
  • No sugary food (Nerds are not sugary food y’all. They are magic beans so don’t lump them together!)

After a week or so here’s the verdict.

The diazepam did not make me sleep, just made me yawn (a lot). And when my dog sees me yawn, she also yawn. So basically, my dog and I sitting in bed in our PJs, yawning till we fall asleep (2 hours later). So I stopped taking the pills.

I stopped caffeine for a week, gastric is doing better while my emotions are very sad and pining for its loss.

As for the Nerds candy, I’m still eating it because…

“We swears, to serve the master of the Precious. We will swear on… on the Precious!”
– Gollum



2 thoughts on “Trying to shake off this annoying friend call insomnia

  1. We are the same person. Read a book a day, awake at 3am since early teens, beat up avatars (I prefer Tekken though). My doc put me on zopiclone, which you can’t take more than about a week or it becomes habit-forming. Even at a week it kind of is. So for a week I sleep like 12 hours a day, and then I stop taking it for a while, then for a week I sleep 12 hours a day. Yeah, it ain’t really an ideal solution. I guess the idea is that after sleeping “properly”(ish) for a week, you’ll be all fixed up to sleep normal hours. LIES.


    1. Indeed its a lie. I’m back to my bad sleep pattern. Very frustrating because even when I fall asleep at 4am, I will force myself to wake up at 9am so that I can be like really tired by the end of the day and sleep early. Never happened. I get really really sleepy and tired but I still can’t sleep until 3-4am. People assumed I’m lazy or I must be gaming until wee hours because that’s all they know. *roll eyes*


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