Random pictures #1

I was looking through my hard drive of old photos and came across some that really spoke out. As in WTF was I thinking taking these photos.

Behold my impressive photo taking skills (back then I using mainly camera phones to take them. And I meant the 3 mega-pixels kind which was incredibly good then)

Trying to be all artistic by taking a black and white photo of a chicken crossing the road.

From where I see it now, its JUST a photo of a chicken crossing the road and the photographer must have fell onto the ground while taking it.

I know what you are thinking, “Why did the chicken crossed the road?” joke. I don’t really know the answer, you tell me.

A narcissistic penguin at the zoo. I call him Derek Zoolander.

I went to the Zoo several times that year and I always met this photo freak penguin at the penguin enclosure. You see there are some standing at the back which I’m trying to take but this fella here keeps waddling in front of my camera lens.

“Pick me! Pick me!!”

Yes, always the same one. Whenever someone whipped out their camera, this fella here zoom straight in front of it.

“Shit, I forgot to cover up my shithole”

I saw this alley cat near my old house. I thought she was snoozing, but actually she was facepalming.

If you don’t know what facepalm means…

I googled it for you the meaning.
I googled it for you the meaning.

Wow, whatever caused the poor kitty dismay, exasperation, embarrassment…etc…

Will do another post on random pictures #2, stay tuned, eat NERDS and don’t do drugs (Just eat NERDS).


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