Random Pictures #2: An ode to my pet hamsters

I had hamsters before.

Let me rephrase it.

I had a hamster before and my sis had like 20.

I took one from my sister because the 2 sister hamsters she bought were not getting along very well. If you know hamsters, you will know that they are pretty much a loner creature, not very social like guinea pigs. If they live with their litter mates, they are fine but as they grow older, they might get more resentful and have bitch fights. That’s when you have to separate them before they kill themselves over a sunflower seed.

I love my hamster. I did not gave her a name (Well I did, I called her Bianca because she’s an all white Pudding and my sister said its awful). We just called her Hamster. Which is good in a way it will prevent any identity crisis like she thinks she’s a white toad or something.

I managed to tame her so she could sit comfortably in my palm and whenever I’m near her cage, she will run out to greet me (See…my dog doesn’t do that).

I was a student back then when I had her. That meant lots of late nights doing homework, studying for tests and doing projects. Since hamsters are night creatures, whenever I’m at my desk late at night, she will be beside me running her wheels, keeping me company.

I assure you that Hamster the hamster was not harm in any way during this process of wearing a Barbie T-shirt.

Yes, she was wearing my Barbie’s T-shirt. Its stretchy and the color is awfully flattering so why not. Anyway she only wore it a while to take some pictures for me to laught about it in future.

I do miss her sweetness. I can’t imagine her bitch slapping her sister.

Anyway, I discovered that I have awesome photo taking skills of animals, so why not do more?

This was published in a local newspaper under pets section. Yes, true story.

This was my sister’s first hamster named Peanut (Oh so naming hamsters after human names is awful but naming them after food that they eat is fine…)

My sister hid this hamster from my mum initially by keeping it in my cupboard for a few minutes. It wrecked my song albums covers and magazines by chewing up the corners. But I still love that hamster.

So that sums up the random pictures for today. Will I have pet hamsters again, yes I would love to but just one. I do not think I can restrain myself from bitch slapping the hamster if I caught them fighting one another (…and me yelling “Calm yo shits y’all!!!”).


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