Social stigma on mental illness

During my counselling sessions, I have been told that I have to break down all the negative thoughts that I have throughout my life. Things that I have been taught all my life that I thought were right but actually they are all full of judgemental criticisms. I have been living my life based on people’s perception of what it should be done, what life is about. I have been stressing over things that people are stressing about.

Its hard to realize that I have to rebuild my thoughts all over again. I always thought what majority of the people in my life are doing must be the right thing. But in actual fact, some of them are not. They placed their fears and expectations on me. I’m living everyone else’s life, but mine.

There is no right and wrong in how you live your life as long as it does not harm others or yourself.

I have been having anxiety issues since I was a child, but nobody detect it. My recovery will take sometime and that was just such a sad news. My counsellor gave me the clinic that has a psychiatrist if my depression worsens. The depression might be due to chemical imbalance in the brain since I have been having negative thoughts as a child. Just like people with diabetes does not have insulin, some people with depression lack in certain brain chemicals too.

I still have not yet visit the clinic, because I’m reluctant to test out drugs (thanks to Augmentin that makes me puke and poop around the clock). At the same time, I want to do this for myself, I want to take care of myself. If anyone should care more and protect more about you, it should always be yourself!

You have heard everyone saying about taking care of your physical health, people need to know that their mental health is just as important. It should NOT be a taboo, mental illness should not be a stigma. I do not understand why people are afraid to talk about mental illness, like wizards who are afraid to say Voldermort’s name. You are more educated than people in the past, you have internet to search on this subject, therefore, you have no excuse to not understand that mental illness is like any illness that are treatable.

Be brave like Harry Potter and his gang. Do not be afraid of the name. Speak it without shame.

I read this phrase on the internet once, do not be proud, do not look down on the poor. For your boat is still out at sea, anything can happen.

Can you assure that you and people around you will never ever get mental illness ever? Can you vouch for it that it won’t happen to you and your love ones?

Nothing is certain in this world.

Be brave, end the social stigma on mental illness. Everyone deserves a fighting chance to live their life and pursue happiness. Happiness is not entitled, you have to pursue it.


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