When a crazy dog lady meets Halloween

So I pretty much like to do fun festive stuffs with my dogs, even though they know nothing about anything that’s going on. Particularly around Halloween and Christmas.

Just a disclaimer, no dogs were harm, in fact my dog quite enjoy dressing up. If you do not believe me, you have never had a Pomeranian before. My Pomeranian is whiny, spoiled, vain,fussy, prim and loves to get her way. In other words, she’s like the Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I love her very much can’t you tell?

So last year I was too busy and exhausted from work that I did not really thought of her Halloween costume.

I went the artistic and minimalist route.

Eyebrows on fleek y'all!!!
Eyebrows on fleek y’all!!!

Look at my dog’s face. She’s thinking “tell me I look like shit”.

If you can’t see clearly, she is wearing a bandana on her neck. What do you think? I think the look is very becoming. I know the eyebrows are not really balance and looks like she desperately need to tweeze. But have you draw on FUR before? It’s not easy!

This year I bad all the time in the world to plan.

I called this the cotton candy witch look
I called this the cotton candy witch look

I actually had a few of this same photos taken because she love to pose. When she is posing, it means she wants some picture taken.

However much she loves to take pictures, she just was not that into the long length of the dress. It’s a dilemma indeed.

Maybe I do a eyebrows on fleek witch.

I’m not sure if she is keen to have her brows drawn again because it took a week to finally wash off. She has a patchy dark spot on her forehead. A very foreboding aura kind of look.

I was searching for inspiration online and saw this cute dog. Being the Harry Potter fan, this is just the awesomeness thing ever.

Credit http://imgur.com/gallery/o29nCjY

Dobby the house elf!

“Dobby has got a sock,” said Dobby in disbelief. “Master threw it, and Dobby caught it, and Dobby — Dobby is free.”

Very inspired to do this. Very inspired indeed.


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