Crying over imaginary dead cats

I told my friend about a very terrifying dream that I had the last week. Even after I woke up, I was feeling very depressed and on the verge of crying for the rest of the day.

I dreamt that bad guys came barging into my home and took all 3 of my cats and killed them in front of me.They tried to attack my dogs but I stop them. All of my dogs were there, including the 2 that passed away (by the way, it was nice seeing my deceased dogs because I missed them. Even if they appeared in a very murderous dream).

Friend: Since when did you have 3 cats?

Me: I don’t have any cats. But in my dream, they WERE my cats.

Friend: What were their names?

Me: I don’t know their names. I don’t really know their colors.

Friend:…and you are crying over the 3 cats that you never had?

Me: But in my dream they were my cats! I can feel that they were my cats and I love them as much as my dogs.

Friend:…but they are not your cats…they are not even real…

Me: I know, but still, I still feel very heart-broken. I did cry for real after I woke up.

Friend: …Well its just a dream because you can’t even have cats, you are allergic to cat fur.

That’s the story of me being all emotional over the murder of my imaginary cats. I wanted to name them and my friend told me I need to stop now for real and move on.

I hope you guys had a much more exciting and REAL week than mine.


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