The sweat

The title seems a bit misleading. Sounded like the plague in Philippa Gregory’s book The King’s curse.

I have been trying out new medication to cope with my anxiety and panic attacks. First one gave me serious side effects like no appetite, nauseous and a lot of my hair fell out.If this is the case, I rather live with anxiety than those side effects.

So I went back and got a change of medications.This time its much better, my appetite is back to normal but it’s causing me to have sweaty palms and feet.

So if I were to shake your hand and you feel the sweat, it’s not because I’m anxious.Its because of the side effect for my medication to cope with my anxiety…Ok sounded the same which ever way you said it.

Forget what I said.

If I shake your hand and you feel the sweat then yes I am anxious.

I’m leaving a part of me wherever I went. So if you want to look for me, follow the sweat marks that I left. The table, the computer, the floor, the walls, everywhere except the shower.

I’m leaving DNA everywhere.

But my mood is feeling so much better.I’m thinking less negative thoughts these days and looking more positive.

P/S: I was wondering if I can apply deodorant on my palms and feet. If they can keep sweaty pit stains at bay, maybe they can be used for my sweaty hands too.


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