My new Betta fish-Dobby the fish cake

I got a new Betta fish this week. I have been thinking of getting it for a while and I finally found the one that I love.

It’s a steel-blue crown tail and I named it Dobby after the house elf in Harry Potter.Because the tattered tails looked like Dobby’s tattered clothes.I nicknamed it ‘fish cake’ because I’m very disturbingly sick like that.

No, I did not rear it to eat it.

Its been awhile since I had fishes in my house. This reminded me of an incident that happened when I was young. My dad and I went to an aquarium store and bought 2 female Swordtail fishes. They bagged them in plastic bag for us to take home.

On the drive home, one of them gave birth to live fishy babies that looked like worms.

And the other ate those live fishy babies that looked like worms.

My dad was calmly driving home as fast as he could while talking me through the labour (It’s like he done this before, guiding someone through fish labour).

I was frantically trying to separate the cannibalistic fish from the live babies. This must be what evil look like in fish form.

Of course some baby fishes were eaten but have no fear for the mother ended up having about 17 live babies y’all! (Note the sarcasm)

2 sides of the moral of this story.

We paid for 2 adult fishes and ended up with 17 freebies.

They went on the have babies of their own and we ended up with a huge ass tank full of them.

Contraceptive is important for you do not want any unexpected surprises like only having prepared a small plastic tank expecting 2 fishes and not the entire family of 19 kids and counting.

Of course we were not equip for a fish nursery so my dad had to rush out to get another tank.

I had a mind to burn that cannibalistic Satan’s fish spawn on a toothpick. Then I saw it eating its own poop, spat it out and only to eat the same poop.

Over and over again.

So it might not be evil after all.

Just not the sharpest tool in the shed.


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