I have a thing for dolls

I recently got a little obsessed with a couple of toys that I wish to have.

Of course Blythe is one of it, but then its too pricey for me to have it now and my family thinks its too creepy to gift it to me as a birthday present.

Thank you family, now I know how much you care about me. Sarcasm just cannot get any thicker than this.

So I divert my attention to Funko pops!

Enter a caption

Yes I’m also obsessed with Sherlock from the BBC telemovie.

I am also liking Benedict Cumberbatch now. (No, not ready to join the Cumberbitches club yet)

Anyway these vinyl dolls are so adorable. Also they are very well-made and I love that they have it in characters from games/Disney/tv shows/movies..etc…

There are so many I love. Just Disney alone is already a crazy amount. Frozen and Beauty and the Beast are my top choices.

And there is also Harry Potter and TV shows characters like Friends and Sherlock.

For people who are giving me weird looks because I like toys, I don’t judge you for talking to your watch so you might want to keep your opinions to yourself or talk to your watch about it.

Shoo…go back to talking to your watch now.


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