Ignorance and arrogance

This year I learnt a very good lesson on human’s ignorance and arrogance.

If you look back on past unfortunate events in the world :


Global warming

Animal abuse

Human trafficking

Hunger issues



Animal extinction

Outspread of diseases


They all happened, causes an uproar and people started working on it. It’s an evil cycle that keeps happening because there will always be new bad guys. There will always be new opportunities to create havoc in this world.

I opined that it all stems from human’s ignorance and arrogance.

We humans can be so arrogant. We lord all over the animal world. We control where they will live or  when they will die. We decided if the forest should remain or to be destroy to make way for humans. We control other humans on how they should think and how they should live. We act as god when we decide who should be put to death and who should have mercy.

We ignored the fact that the earth’s resources are dwindling. We are too close-minded to accept the fact that there are more than one way of living an honest life. We cannot accept anything out of the ordinary for us. We do not bother to think deeply about the world but to rather work on living our lives being socially acceptable and popular. We are materialistic, power-hungry people because that’s all that matters to us. We do not care what is happening to the other side of the earth because ignorance is bliss.

I am a hypocrite. For saying that I love animals but yet, I eat meat almost on a daily basis. I have materialistic wants and accept materialistic gains. I am not perfect because being human, you can’t be perfect.

But you could change or work on yourself. You could be a voice to the needy and helpless. Instead of being a sheep and just following where others are going, be out of the ordinary.

What made me think more about how I’m living my life are the people that I know or meet. When there are people that are not making me comfortable with myself, I tell myself I do not want to be like them as to make others unhappy. When someone makes me happy and cheers me up, I tell myself, I want to be like them and make someone feel cherished.

I had a lot of downs this year. I had 2 choices to make for myself, either to fall back to safety or step into growth. I chose growth because I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. The journey was not easy. It was difficult, lonely and susceptible to people’s doubts and discouragement. They put their fears in me and keep trying to make me be like them. Because they themselves want some sort of recognition that they are living the correct lives. They do not want to believe that there is another path in life that they can walk. They are afraid of being wrong so they rather follow the majority.

I chose to check myself into counselling for my anxiety issues. I then went to the clinic to be treated for anxiety and depressive moods. People said that I am exaggerating my illness or making excuses. Someone told me that these people does not have empathy and thank our lucky stars that they are not doctors or nurses. I was down and depress about it because they made me self-doubt myself and what I was going through.  But then I realized that, this sort of people were probably why I was never diagnose earlier as a child and receive the treatment I needed. Now that I’m an adult, I can put my foot down and decide to get treatment. I want to live a better and fulfilling life. I also want to be more empathetic towards others. I have a friend that often text me to check on my progress. She also sends me articles on  how to manage anxiety and depression. She even searches for apps to help me with my insomnia and panic attacks. She does not have such issues, yet she is accepting and understanding of mine. She is gold and inspiring. I want to be a friend like that to others.

When I chose to stop working a 9 to 5 job, people were doubtful. When I said I do not want to work for power hungry companies or tyrant bosses, people said that is wishful thinking. People don’t believe such a job exists. Because no one dares to look for it. They wait for someone to pave the way for them, to make a historic change in the working world before others join in on the bandwagon. Like I said, many people are sheep. They are afraid to be criticize so they do what society deem is correct. And these people, are the ones that judge and criticize people the most.

When I said I’m joining a start-up company. Many said it wouldn’t work out. Many smirked when 9 months down the road, the company is not yet operating. I do get some support. That’s when I realized that those doubtful are the ones that are working for people and those that are supportive are the ones that work for themselves. I get it that not everyone is cut out to be entrepreneurs. Some like to have a steady pay check. But that does not give them the right to be so judgemental. I said that I am joining a start-up company. It’s not on a whim, we did not just woke up one day and say ‘hey let’s start a company’.

This was planned even before I graduated college. The first stage was already running when I started my first job out of college. Setting up a business from scratch takes time and lots and lots of planning. You do not plan a few months then expect to run a business just like that. Building a strong foundation is crucial and takes years. We took years to build a strong network of people locally and overseas. We build up a safety net so as to withstand any storm. When one source of funds is stuck, we have other sources that are still running. We have dozens of plans that were scraped away before we even execute them. We adjust our strategies according to the economy and the market. When one idea fails, we move on to another. We do not sit and cry about it.

People judge and think it’s a shell company. They only see the face value of things. Which is why when they see someone all decked out in high end brands and eating at Michelin star restaurants, they conclude that they are filthy rich and successful. I have seen people that buys branded bags every week and in actual fact, their savings in the bank account is just a mere 4 digits. I have seen people that dress simply and make humble purchases but they have a hefty savings account and invested in diversified portfolio.

To give another example, I have seen a person that has tattoos all over its body, rescuing abandon pets and donating their time and money to animal shelters. While a clean cut executive only “rescue” their own pride and “donate” to their branded goods shopping.

Try to see past the surface and you will understand the whole story. People can dress themselves up and mask themselves in a million ways. They cannot hide their true character and integrity.

I was one of those people that judge on face value. I am trying to change that. I want to think more deeply about the world. I want to educate myself more on the environment and people. I want to be more open hearted and accepting of people that are different from us.

I believe the challenges I face now will build character and give me another point of view. I also believe that I will reach my goal of working in a great company that allows me to achieve my dreams.

Something big is going to happen next year. I cannot wait for it and if it really does, I know that I will cry big happy tears. For all the sacrifices, anxieties, humiliations, disappointments and challenges I have endured will finally produce a promising result.



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