I got RBF…so just get over it

Yes, I have a resting bitch face.

It’s not that I’m arrogant, unhappy, tired, stressed or throwing tantrums.

It’s my resting bitch face.

Since my teenage years, when people asked me why am I unhappy or angry and I’m actually not, I will look at them quizzically.

Then they will ask me am I mad at them for expressing concern because when I look at them, seems like I am staring at them and asking for a fight.

My ex-manager told me that they were unsure of whether to hire me or not because during interview I look disinterested.

It’s so weird when I thought that people can read me like an open book but sometimes they misread it.

I mean, I don’t walk around smiling to myself like a giddy fool because that’s just a situation waiting to be uploaded on Youtube. I do have happy times. There are times where I feel like a rainbow unicorn bouncing through the air and the background is all pastel and cheery but my face looks like Darth Vader.

They need to produce a t-shirt that says I have RBF so people will get the hint.

Its Christmas time, so people let’s all drink lots of alcohol and chill and be merry like crazy drunks. But keep safe, be responsible driving and remember to bring your kids home and not leave them behind.

Just spreading the lurve…just saying~


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