The art of mispoken words

You know how sometimes people speak and the words came off sounding bad but it is not their true intention? Sometimes we do not quite know how to put our words and actions correctly and people misrepresent it for something really terrible?

I am going to show you 2 examples of such cases.

Case #1

This lady grabs a stray cat and threw it into her car. The cat wailed and fled from it.

What it looks like: This crazy cat lady is trying to kidnap a cat, the cat felt tortured.

What it ACTUALLY happened

One of my family friends used to have a cat which she adopted off the streets. She had it until the cat passed away. She has been thinking about adopting another stray cat for a while now. There was this stray cat that loved to follow her about and loitered outside her shop. One day, she picked up the cat and stroked it’s fur and asked “Do you want to come home with me?”

The cat purred.

What did she do next?

She put the cat into her car.

The cat not knowing what a car is, wailed and fled.

Case #2

This lady asked for tranquilizer gun to shoot her dogs

What it looks like: This crazy dog lady wants to kill her dogs / her house is a dog fighting ring

What it ACTUALLY happened

This lady adopted 2 stray dogs since they were puppies, eyes barely opened and their mother abandoned them. She bottle fed them (too much milk) till they grew up incredibly huge, strong and their heads are extra thick. She is an old lady and she does not have the strength to rein them in for a bath. They kept running about, knocking into things just to avoid taking a bath. She asked a friend if she has a tranquilizer gun to tranquilize them enough so that she could bathe them. I am pretty sure she was half joking. Anyway, right now she does not have the issue anymore as she got someone young to bathe them. For some reason, the dogs respond better to a younger and gentler touch.


What I wish you can take from this is that, what you see might not actually be true and what is true, might not always been seen.

Making snap judgements purely on face value speaks only how poorly executed your mind is at analysing situations.

Have you ever wonder why your mind can only process such mediocre results and see things that many people can see but you just can’t?

Because you need to read things, watch news, talk to people OUTSIDE of your social cliques/status, learn and be aware of the world. Doing that will broaden your knowledge. Doing that will broaden your small tiny world.

Unless of course, you chose to just stay in your comfort zone and live the rest of your life being ignorant of larger issues. That is your life after all, for you to live with and for others to judge.



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