Why I am a hypocrite

One night my mum asked if I can drink the soup that she is making. As she was stirring the soup, I peered down and saw that it was shark’s fin soup. My mum knew that I do not eat shark’s fin ever since I was an angst animal protector teenager back then.

Mum: But they are canned, which contain mostly the stock and no real shark’s fin.

Me: (Pointing to the strings of shark’s fin) There is a shark’s fin right there!

Mum: (Stirred the soup) Where?

Me: THERE!! (Pointed to the huge chunk)

Mum: (Pushed down the chunks with her ladle) Where?

Me: It was right there, you pushed it down into the soup!

Mum: I don’t see it. So you really don’t want it?

Me: No thanks.

As I sat down at dinner, I saw a bowl of shark’s fin soup next to my plate of rice. I stared at my mum and my mum gave me the ‘What is wrong’ kind of expression. My mum is so good at being pretentious.

I did not drink it, whether it is fake or real shark’s fin soup. I stopped when I was about 16 years old. Been a good 10 over years so am not breaking my record. Of course the real reason is because sharks are becoming endangered so let’s stick to sustainable food source people! To be honest, there is no taste in shark’s fin. If you love it so much, you can substitute it with crab meat and use the same stock. Vegans are frowning down on me, I know.

Yes I am a hypocrite, I love animals yet I eat them. I tried being a vegetarian for 2 whole months and unfortunately I failed. I am slowly trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits and less animal by products. I may fail at being vegan/vegetarian, but I certainly am giving continuous efforts to cut down on meat products. I also tried to take what is enough for me and avoid wastage.

My family used to go vegetarian for a whole day on Saturday. Unfortunately for my father and brother who work at construction, their legs turned jelly very quickly.

I would also like to quickly add that besides shark’s fin soup that night, my mum also cooked venison. The venison was bought initially for my mum’s Westie due to her skin problems. I guess with venison, the dog still itches like crazy. So my mum cooked it for us to avoid wasting it.

I did not eat the venison either.

Here is the fine difference. I eat lamb but I do not eat venison.



And deer is my spirit animal.

This post is going to offend vegans and vegetarians, I just know it.




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