Price of life

My counsellor told me about her trainer which is a scientist in her 60s. She was a mild tempered and easy going person. She had her menopause and everything changed about her. She was grouchy and bad tempered. She noticed how much her personality had changed, just because of the chemicals changing in her body. After she took up hormone therapy, she was back to normal and able to focus on her work. Of course, with hormone therapy she is at risk of cancer.

“We are all just a by product of our brain chemicals” she said.

My counsellor said my anxiety and depression are caused by chemical imbalance in the brain.

The chemicals in my brain is using my own body against me. All the negative thoughts are caused by chemicals in my brain.

How do we stop it from causing harm to ourselves?

Doctors said drugs are the cure. They help solve the issues. What if the drug that is thought to be saving you is actually harming you in a different way too?

The scientist, willing took the risk of cancer by going through hormone therapy just so she could function normally.

Are we just using drugs to buy us quality of life but sacrificing our quantity?

She is doing what she love most, her work. I believe she rather have a quality of life over quantity.

One of the reason I hate medication is because when I was younger, the people I visited in the hospital, either discharged being sicker or passed away. The first days, they were still sitting upright and laughing. As the day went by, they could not sit up or eat.

There is nothing free in this world or should I say, there is a price in everything.

You want to cure this particular illness, alright these drugs will help you do so but at a price which you will pay later on.

What we would pay just to live a normal life. What we would pay to spend another day with your love ones. What we would pay to build more happy memories.

Because at the end of the day, when you are hit with the realization that your time is coming to an end. What will be going through your head?

Those happy memories, your love ones and the things you love to do. You wouldn’t be thinking of you probably could live longer if you hadn’t had these drugs.

Because that’s all that matters to people. Quality of life over quantity.

Spending our lives making happy memories so that on our death bed, we have something to remind us that your life was well spent.

We are just a by product of chemicals in our body but we like to think that our heart is beating for somebody. We like to think that our ability to love is something magical or something spiritual. Something bigger than our whole existence.

Can we use our heart to heal ourselves? Something that modern medicine couldn’t do?

Yes we can. Using our heart to forgive someone who have hurt us so that we can heal emotionally. Using our heart to heal somebody who have been hurt emotionally. I’m trying to say is if you have a beating heart, use it to heal yourself and heal others. If you have a beating heart, make it as a purpose of your life.

Once the heart stop beating, your brain stop remembering the good memories and the world disappears.

Your beating heart is a priviledge with a deadline. So make good use of it.


2 thoughts on “Price of life

  1. “Your beating heart is a privilege with a deadline. So make good use of it.”

    Very true.

    I know I personally need medications or I have no quality of life. I hate taking medications (I feel the same way you do). But unfortunately, I can’t outrun them.

    I choose quality of life. When I die … I want God to be able to tell me, “Well done you good and faithful servant.’

    What I mean by that is that I don’t want to waste my life. I personally want to spend my days loving people and serving people. I want to say that I wasn’t spending my days focused on myself.



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