My sister brings ‘toned’ legs to a whole new level

I was watching TV when I saw my sister bringing out her little basket of skincare goodies after her shower. Sat on the sofa, watched the TV with as she do her skincare ritual.

First she did her facial mask. After she washed it off, she began toning her face. Next she picked up fresh cotton square, saturated it with toner and started wiping her legs!

I asked her why was she applying toner to her legs as it was such a waste of toner.

She said she learnt it from some beauty guru on a variety show that it is good to apply toner to your legs because it may still be dirty even after a shower. She proceeded to show me the dirt on the cotton pad. After that she finished off with moisturising her face and legs.

I got to admit the leg looks silky and shiny. But the toner is going to finish off real quickly. If you are rich or got a toner which you do not use anymore, maybe you can try it out.

You can tell people, you ‘toned’ your legs every day.


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