Thank you for clicking this page in hopes to find out more about me.

I’m sorry to say this blog ain’t about recipes to make pancakes or any delirious food. Its mainly about the lack lustre mundane life of a woman in her late twenties.

You know the feeling when you are so so tired that you start to ramble non-stop until it does not make any sense but it sounds funny? That’s basically what this blog is about. Except I do not need to be tired to ramble crap, I can do it at anytime of the day. My nonsensical ramblings which may start out being overly negative but I will make it a point to end with somewhat positive note. Its much harder than it sound. Because I’m a 24/7 negative person with twisted thoughts and on medications for anxiety and sleep issue. However I am determine to find positivity in my life so my mind will not visit the dark side too often.

Positivity and happiness, its like finding a unicorn. I believe unicorn exist, it is just lost somewhere. You must be thinking this chick is nuts. No sir, I believe a unicorn exist, I’m sure it does. Anyone who said unicorns (note the ‘s’, it means more than one, sir) exists, now that’s just crazy.

Did I digress too far?

Why pancake?

Because I believe pancake is very versatile. You can have it sweet or savoury. Just like life. Simply put, I can make pancakes.

I’m a crazy dog lady. I have a pomeranian who is more sane than me, at times. She also dresses better than I do. I practically live in my dog’s shadow, she even have more personality than me.

I feel like I should write more details about me but I highly doubt there is anyone still reading this.

You are still reading up till this point? I hope you did not just skim through the mid-section since I spent some time to type all that shit.

I feel that I should warn that this blog will contain certain vulgarities. Which is so amusing since I do not use it in real life.

I guess I like to live vicariously through my blog.

Contact: pancakedelirious@gmail.com


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